Our Values

Forge Hemp Company is a Denver-based boutique brand of high-strength CBD products. We make topicals and tinctures for people who want results from CBD.

High Standard & Quality

Before Forge existed, we used CBD for pain, stress, and sleep.

We knew CBD worked. But we saw too many products on store shelves with misleading labels, containing pathetically low amounts of CBD, at outrageous prices. We were frustrated, yet inspired to achieve a higher standard for effectiveness, and therefore value. We began blending the highest quality ingredients with strong and transparent CBD concentrations. We also made an early commitment to ZERO THC formulas, including Hemp Extracts made from true THC-free CBD distillate, not CBD isolate.

Today, we’re realizing our vision to bring the benefits of Hemp CBD to more people everywhere.


We formulate products specifically for people who want results from CBD. Our CBD concentrations are clearly identified, so you know the amount of CBD per ounce of product, and total CBD in each container.


All of our CBD comes from Colorado-grown hemp, never foreign hemp or synthetic manufacturing. We source our ingredients and materials from trusted, reputable partners to achieve consistent quality and safety.


Ounce for ounce, gram for gram, we’re making high-quality CBD more accessible. Compare Forge: Total CBD (milligrams) per ounce/gram of product; price per ounce/gram; and effectiveness (what matters most).


A third-party lab tests our product at three stages: 1) Harvested hemp tested for cannabinoid levels and the absence of pesticides; 2) Processed CBD tested for potency and absence of THC; 3) Batch samples of finished product verifies our CBD concentrations.

CBD with Zero THC

All of our CBD and CBN products are lab-verified to contain ZERO THC. Our topical products are made with crystalized CBD isolate, so there is no cannabis smell. Our tinctures are made with true broad-spectrum hemp extract blended with organic hemp seed oil or MCT.


We’re focused on our customers’ health and the impact wellness can make across families and communities. We believe in improving farmers’ environmental and economic sustainability, and building a coalition of like-minded partners.

Have any Questions?

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